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Fondazione Maurizio Fragiacomo (Milan), in the name of its president, Enzo Pesce, has expressed its willingness to take concrete action to support the health emergency caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus by launching a project involving some major world-leading electronics companies.

Among institutions, companies, and private individuals whose skills, time, and resources to meet the most pressing requirements have stood out is Siare Engineering, a champion of Italian excellence in lung ventilator manufacturing. Siare has distinguished itself through its commitment to triple production in order to face the current pandemic, on the request of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

“It is in this framework that the Foundation has decided to support this company’s effort by donating electronic components for the ventilator models in production,” said Pesce. “To complete the supply, we approached Genesi Elettronica, a well-known company in the biomedical field, among others, with very high-profile partnerships in Italy and abroad. Genesi has worked with Siare Engineering for 15 years, designing and making the electronics for their ventilators, which are now needed for the COVID-19 emergency.”

To access the supply of some of the semiconductors needed for the electronics of these life-saving devices, the Foundation approached ON Semiconductor, one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, and its distribution partner, Avnet Silica, one of the leading European electronics distributors. Both immediately shared the same enthusiasm for this important solidarity project. Avnet Silica committed with zeal to source — in a very short timeframe, given the particular market situation — the materials needed to produce the electronic circuit boards, and thanks to ON Semiconductor’s complete disposal, the electronic components are ready to be delivered to Genesi Elettronica.

“We wish to thank Fondazione Maurizio Fragiacomo for contributing with its generous support to our efforts to produce as many ventilators as possible,” said Mauro Munari, CEO of Genesi Elettronica. “These are life-saving devices that are fundamental in managing the awful current pandemic. The more ventilators we can produce, the higher the prospect of saving lives.”

Avnet Silica and ON Semiconductor have further embraced the Foundation’s initiatives by doubling the donation of 4,000 semiconductor kits for ventilators to 8,000, a vital response to support Siare Engineering’s and, accordingly, Italy’s demand, with the aim of rendering the Italian health-care system more able to respond to current and future needs.

Mario Orlandi, president of Avnet EMEA, and Enrico Corti, vice president of ON Semiconductor EMEA, jointly stated: “Once again, technology is playing a meaningful role in everyday life, especially within a health emergency like the one we’re experiencing. The high social value of this project and the opportunity of teamworking with excellent partners like the companies involved can help in re-establishing confidence in the future.”

Source: Electronics and Electrical Engineering News