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SmartDV Technologies, the proven and trusted choice for design and verification intellectual property (IP), has released a line of memory controller design IP used for high-speed memories including HBM2/2E, HBM3, GDDR6, and LPDDR4/5. It also expanded its support for flash memory controllers with the additions of serial flash, XSPI, and octal SPI controllers, strengthening its already-broad portfolio of design IP.

“Continuing to expand our portfolio enables us to meet our users’ ongoing needs and reinforces our reputation as the proven and trusted choice for verification and design IP,” said Deepak Kumar Tala, SmartDV’s managing director. “Our ability to quickly deliver a broad assortment of high-performance memory controller design IP is a testament to our expertise in ASIC and SoC design and verification, as well as the efficiencies of our proprietary compiler.”

The new memory controller design IP offerings are optimized for high performance with low read/write latencies. Area is minimized due to low gate counts and the controllers are designed to work with DFI PHYs as well as integration in FPGA-based designs. In addition, the controllers can support up to 16 AXI slave interfaces with configurable outstanding read/writes.

SmartDV’s standard and custom protocol design IP enables users to get to market quickly and confidently with its proven design IP cores. A proprietary, automated compiler-based technology enables rapid development and on-demand customization of design IP compliant with standard interface and communications protocol specifications for new or evolving standards.

The design IP cores are fast, highly configurable, and reusable plug-and-play design solutions for standard interface and communication protocols used in mobile, networking, SoC, automotive, storage, video, memory, mil/aero, and other applications. SmartDV can rapidly create or customize or design IP based on specific customer demands.

The SmartDV memory controller IP is delivered as soft design IP with register transfer level (RTL) source code and a comprehensive test suite that can be implemented in ASIC, SoC, or FPGA designs. Fast turnaround customization is also offered.

Pricing is available upon request.

Email requests for datasheets or more information should be sent to [email protected].

Source: Electronics and Electrical Engineering News