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D2S, a supplier of GPU-accelerated solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, has become the newest member of the Electronic System Design Alliance, a SEMI Strategic Technology Community representing members in the electronic system and semiconductor design ecosystem.

In welcoming D2S, Bob Smith, executive director of the ESD Alliance, commended the company for addressing the challenges of advanced node lithography by developing full-chip curvilinear inverse lithography technology (ILT) to improve manufacturing processes. “One of our goals for 2020 is to better connect design and manufacturing, something [that] D2S and its executives, many of whom come from the electronic design automation space, can help us accomplish,” he added.

“We share the ESD Alliance’s view that the various components of the electronic product design and manufacturing chain need to move closer together,” said Aki Fujimura, D2S’s CEO. “We believe curvilinear designs would help substantially to improve manufacturability of designs. The transition to curvilinear designs will require a close collaboration between design and manufacturing. It hadn’t been possible to manufacture curvilinear designs until multi-beam mask writers became available for the leading-edge nodes. The only missing link left to enabling the manufacture of curvilinear designs was full-chip curvilinear ILT.”

D2S supplies GPU-accelerated solutions for semiconductor manufacturing. Its TrueMask ILT solution creates ideal lithography results through a mathematically rigorous GPU-driven inverse approach that determines the curvilinear mask shapes that will produce the desired on-wafer results. The benefits include greatly improved process windows over conventional OPC techniques.

As a member of the ESD Alliance, D2S is likewise a member of SEMI, the global industry association representing the worldwide electronic product design and manufacturing chain.

Source: Electronics and Electrical Engineering News