Pros and Cons Of Crypto Trading Bots
Pros and Cons Of Crypto Trading Bots

Bitcoin trading is gaining traction very quickly. Millions of people have migrated from the traditional forex trading to try their hands in crypto trading. Crypto trading is very profitable when done right and millions around the world want a share of this profitable venture.

The crypto industry is very volatile. To succeed at crypto trading, therefore, one needs to always keep their eyes open. You have to spend a lot of time behind your computer to ensure you don’t miss a thing. This can be very exhausting and boring, and this is where virtual robots come into play.

While humans don’t enjoy repetitive tasks, computers seem to excel at them. This explains the proliferation of these virtual trading robots to aid us in our cryptocurrency ventures.

So, what are cryptocurrency trading robots? What’s their significance in the modern world of cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency Trading Robots

Trading bots are virtual computer robots programmed to monitor the cryptocurrency market and automate trading. These bots are trained through machine learning and AI. You, however, have to set an operating strategy and other parameters to guide the robot.

Once set, the bot will only trade when the market conditions match the instructions you fed into the software. As long as the market conditions match the algorithm set, it will trigger trades all day long.

You, therefore, don’t have to spend a lot of time monitoring market activities; the virtual trading assistant will do the dirty work for you. This gives you enough time to concentrate on other daily commitments.

Now that we’ve seen what the robots are all about, what are their pros and cons? Should you use them in your trades?


  • Accelerate Onboarding Process

Unless one has some experience in forex, it can be difficult to get started in crypto trading. There are a lot of intricacies which one needs to understand. Bots can help accelerate the learning process while a trader is getting into the industry for the first time.

Bots will not teach you how to trade but they will help you understand how different strategies work. They also give you a chance to try experts’ strategies right from the get-go.

  • Saves A Lot Of Time

The essence of trading bots is to save you the hassle and time. Instead of spending the better part of your day glued to your computer screen, the set of computer programs will be doing that work behind the scenes.

This leaves you with loads of time to handle other activities in your life. You can dedicate some of this free time to research more about the intricacies of cryptocurrencies and the trending strategies in the market.

  • Robots Are Designed To Be Consistent

Robots are designed to be very accurate at what they do. We program them to do the same job repeatedly with very high precision. This makes bots always consistent with what they do. They are also extremely efficient at it.

With bots’ efficiency and consistency, it is easy to tell if a strategy is working or not.

  • Maximize Your Profits

These robots can help you maximize your trading profits. If you opt for a working trading model, the robot will always earn you money every time the market conditions are ideal. Even when the profit margins of the trade are very low, the virtual robot will trigger a trade and earn you some money.

Cumulatively, these small profits will boost your earnings. Without the virtual trading partner, you probably would have ignored the chance to earn a small profit. The bot will, therefore, have helped you earn the maximum profit from your trades.

  • Trades Without Emotions

Bots don’t have feelings or emotions. They follow instructions and don’t have to justify their actions. Humans on the other hand, always use emotions in their trades and this has been proven to have an impact on mental health.

Bots will save you the rollercoaster ride of emotions and give you the expected results without any hesitation.


  • Prior Knowledge is A Prerequisite

These pieces of tech need to be programmed before they can be deployed for use. If you have no idea how markets work, it will take some effort to set up a bot for successful trading. If one doesn’t have this knowledge they will not be able to start their career.

  • Language Barrier

A lot of the available products and solutions in the space nowadays are available in English only. This means that they lock out people who are not conversant with English. This language barrier is very limiting and it hinders growth in the industry.

  • Bots Are Not Free

While there are some open-source solutions, the most effective ones are often costly. They will take a commission for letting you trade on their platform.

There are not many beginners in the world who can afford to pay for the services delivered by the software. This means that the solutions will only be available to those who can afford them.

A lot of unscrupulous individuals take advantage of these tools to harvest personal data from users and use it maliciously. You, therefore, risk losing all your money from your account if you fall for the wrong bot.

So, are these invisible partners worth it?

Are They Worth It?

If you are conversant with trading and can come up with winning strategies, then these little pieces of software magic were designed for people like you. You should use them to streamline your trading and automate common tasks.

If on the other hand, you are a complete newbie, you should consider getting some experience before getting started in using the software to manage your money-making ventures.


Technology is here to make our lives better and we should embrace it. Take advantage of these handy tools to make your work easier but keep in mind that they are not some form of cheat code that will ensure you always win. You are still in control of your trading.




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