arduino-cli 0.14.0 is out and ready for the public!

Arduino TeamDecember 11th, 2020

This article was written by Silvano Cerza from the Arduino Tooling team.

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It’s been a while, so this time around you’re in for a treat. Don’t forget to go through the list of breaking changes and the new upgrade guide, this might save you some headaches.

Highlights for our latest release include:

  • Added flags to install libraries from a local zip file or git url
  • Added a `–clean` flag for the `compile` command
  • Added a `–dest-file` flag to the `config init` command
  • Better tracking of installed platforms
  • A few useful UX improvements
  • A bunch of bug fixes

The complete changelog is available here!

As you may know, the Arduino CLI is still in “alpha” state, meaning that the tool is under heavy development. This is the reason why here and there we still introduce some breaking changes:

  • Use debug “configurations” instead or “recipes” (#1033)
  • Local binaries export (a `build` folder in your sketch) must now be explicitly specified (#1042)
  • Programmers can’t be any longer listed using using the `burn-bootloader` programmers list flag (`-P list`) (#982)
  • `lib install –git-url` or `–zip-file` must now be explicitly enabled (#1075)

Might seem like a lot, but not to worry! We’ve prepared an upgrade guide that you can find here.

Source: Arduino Blog