Old keyboard turned into a new children’s learning toy

Arduino TeamJanuary 18th, 2021

old keyboard turned into a new childrens learning toy hyperedge embed image

Peter Turczak’s toddler son loves “technical stuff,” especially things like keyboards and computers that adults use. After discussing this with other likeminded technical parents, the idea of giving new life to an old (PS/2 or AT) keyboard as a teaching tool was hatched. 

The hacker thus added an Arduino Nano, a speaker, and an SD card reader for WAV files, allowing the device to say letters in various voices based on the keys pressed. It is also capable of playing tunes, and presumably other sounds, that one could imagine to facilitate retro learning and fun.

old keyboard turned into a new childrens learning toy 1 hyperedge embed image

All the electronics fit within the keyboard’s shell, which has ample space inside, and even features a built-in speaker grill for audio output. More details on the project can be found in Turczak’s blog post.

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Source: Arduino Blog

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