Arduino TeamJune 2nd, 2021

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While diabetes is still very much a serious disease, medical advancements over the past few decades make it much easier to live with. Wearable glucose monitors in particular provide a convenient way for people to keep an eye on their blood sugar, so they can get the extra insulin that they need before they start feeling the effects of low blood sugar. DiaFit is a customizable glucose monitor system that gives people options and it relies on an Arduino Nano 33 IoT board.

Most wearable glucose monitors available today, like the popular FreeStyle Libre 2, are small patch-like devices that stick to the skin. They connect through Bluetooth to a separate device that users can check to see their blood sugar levels. Those are often either bulky units that take up space in a purse or pocket, or wearable gadgets that resemble smartwatches. DiaFit is modular and gives people more options.

The DiaFit system consists of a few individual modules and one of those, based on the Nano 33 IoT board, has an OLED screen that shows current blood sugar levels. Because DiaFit is modular, it is wearable in multiple ways. The team behind DiaFit created a wristband, a ring, a necklace, and an earpiece. People with diabetes could choose any of those and even switch between them as the situation demands. You might want to wear DiaFit as a necklace when at the office and then switch to the wristband when you go for a jog. DiaFit is still a prototype, but this technology could make it more convenient to live with diabetes.

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