Arduino Week 2022

This year, Arduino Day is becoming Arduino Week. Taking place on 21-26 March, 2022, we’ll have more talks, events and presentations than ever before.

Naturally you can expect the usual excitement from the annual Arduino festival. From makers to education and industry, we’ll be bringing you the biggest and the best Arduino has to offer. But there’s also a strong focus on community for the first week-long event. And that means we want to hear from you.

If you have a talk, idea, presentation or project you want to share, please click the button below to tell us all about it.

What Kinds of Talks Are We Looking For?

First and foremost, we don’t want to stifle your creativity. If you’ve got a great idea for something that you think the Arduino community would enjoy, now’s the time to share it. Makers, teachers, students, inventors, coders, influencers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, industry, leaders, community groups; anyone and everyone is invited to join us and add to the Arduino Week celebrations.

There might be a project you’ve built that you’d like to showcase. Or maybe you’ve been running an extracurricular program that helps people to learn about Arduino or electronics that you want to tell the world about. Did you pick up your first Arduino board during lockdown and do something cool with it? Tell us!

It doesn’t have to be epic, either. If you’ve got a top tip about project building, coding or using Arduino that you’d love to share, let us know about it! No talk is too big, too small or too unusual to join in with Arduino Week. If it helps, entertains or showcases the community, we want to include it.

We’re here to help flesh out your ideas, too. So don’t worry if there’s something you’d love to bring to Arduino Week but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen. Get in touch, and let’s talk about how you can get involved.

This is going to be the biggest celebration of Arduino ever undertaken. So it’s the perfect way to demonstrate your skills, meet the global community, and get inspired for the next decade of awesome electronics projects.

Ready to join in? Click below to fill out the form, and you could be the star of the show during the 2022 Arduino Week! 

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