Join us on June 8th at 10am Mountain for a webinar about 10BASE-T1L Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE). SPE significantly improves your ability to acquire and transmit data quickly and reliably and represents a major leap in technology to support automation, reduce costs, and improve data transmission.

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10BASE-T1L Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) represents a major advancement that supports industrial automation and predictive maintenance, while solving some long-standing challenges in communication/data transmission from sensor to either a private server or the cloud. This webinar brings together some of the foremost players in SPE to provide both an overview and demo of the technology.

About the Webinar

You can significantly improve your ability to acquire and transmit data quickly, reliably, and with reduced costs with Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE). Participants will:

  • Learn what 10BASE-T1L Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) is and why it matters
  • Understand applications for SPE with IIoT and Industrial Automation
  • Watch a demonstration using new SPE rapid prototyping tools to remotely monitor vibration and motor control in a challenging environment
  • Bonus: The demo will take participants into the depths of SparkFun headquarters to take a look at the river that runs under the building! (It definitely requires monitoring!)


    The presentation team brings together experts from Analog Devices, Harting, Würth Elektronik, and SparkFun Electronics and is hosted by Digi-Key. Analog Devices, Harting, and Würth Elektronik will provide the overview of SPE and potential applications as well as the three components needed to design an SPE device (PHYs, magnetics, and connectivity). SparkFun will present a cool demo where the engineers will take participants on a virtual walk to the basement of our headquarters to see how we have used SPE to monitor the sump pumps, which manage the river that runs under our building – a truly authentic use case!

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    New 10BASE-T1L SPE Prototyping Tools

    In collaboration with Digi-Key, Analog Devices, Harting, and Würth Elektronik, SparkFun released two new prototyping tools that support users in prototyping T1L solutions quickly. These tools will be used in the demo during the webinar Here they are:

    Read more about this on: Sparkfun Commerce Blog