Today we had the pleasure of visiting some of our excellent partners at Automatica. There are quite a lot of Robotiq products dotted throughout the exhibition halls.

This international trade fair for automation is one of the most important events in our industry. It’s always exciting to see what new applications and innovations our partners have to show us.

We were not disappointed – each booth we visited had something unique and impressive on display. We saw our products being used in a wide variety of applications.

It’s always gratifying to see how our products are helping our partners to push the boundaries of what’s possible with automation for their customres.

And our Robotiq support elves are always on hand to answer any technical questions or problem solve if any issues come up – there have been a few questions, but no big problems (our products are very reliable and easy to use after all!).

Asyril showed us their flexible feeding system


First, we visited the booth of Asyril SA at booth A5.313.

Asyril is a Switzerland-based provider of flexible feeding systems.

Loïc Chatagny, an Application Engineer at Asyril, showed us the demo.

This is a demonstration of their feeding system. They have some parts in the hopper, which fall onto the vibration plate. The machine then tries to center the parts using vibration. It uses a vision system to detect the parts and calculate how many are in the correct orientation for picking. If any are badly oriented or too close to the edge of the container, it vibrates the plate again.

The demo uses our Hand-E gripper, which is probably our most popular component around the Automatica halls.

Bayern Innovativ asked a top question about our Screwdriving Solution for automotive users

Next, we visited Bayern Innovativ at booth A5.332.


Bayern Innovativ is a local company (local here in Bavaria) from just up the road in Nürnberg. They specalize in creating integrated solutions for the automotive industry.

Jan Kaiser showed us the demo, which uses the Robotiq Screwdriving Solution (which we showed you our demo of earlier today).

Jan had been talking to our Robotiq support elves earlier, as a lot of visitors to the booth were asking him questions about the solution (well, that’s what our elves are here for!)

The top questions:

  • What size of screws can it take? Answer: Diameters between M2.5 and M5. Lengths between 6mm and 25mm. 
  • What’s better, a pneumatic or magnetic screwdriver? Well… it depends. But our pneumatic screwdriver offers more benefits than magnetic ones. The vacuum helps align the screws, allows for non-ferromagnetic screws, and can detect when the robot drops a screw. This isn’t possible or easy with magnetic screwdrivers. 

Nokia is getting their lederhosen ready

Finally, we caught up with another Hand-E gripper at the Nokia booth B6.101.


This demo was switched off when we passed. The team at Nokia were getting into the Bavarian spirit by putting on their lederhosen trousers!


They certainly look “Ready 4.0 Anything!”

We’re looking forward to another 2 days of exploring the excellent work our partners are doing here at Automatica. Make sure to check back tomorrow for more insights into how our partners are using Robotiq products!


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