Two new mikroBUS Starter Kits are now available with a new WiFi HAT for Raspberry Pi!

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Hello and welcome, everyone! We are back, yet again, with a handful of new products here at SparkFun Electronics! We’ve heard your requests for kits for our mikroBUS boards to include a few hookup accessories (specifically Click boards™) so we took both of our boards and made them easier to get started with! Following that, we have a new WiFi HaLow HAT from ALFA Network that we expect to really help your Raspberry Pi get connected to a new type of IoT network. Now, let’s jump in and take a closer look at all of this week’s new products!

The SparkFun MicroMod mikroBUS™ Starter Kit is designed to give you just what you need to start using the MicroMod and Click ecosystems side-by-side. The core of this kit is designed around the SparkFun MicroMod mikroBUS™ Carrier Board and the SparkFun MicroMod STM32 Processor, but you will also receive a MIKROE Terminal Click, MIKROE Weather Click, SparkFun Serial Basic Breakout, USB A to C cable, Jumper wires, and a MicroMod screwdriver!

The SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS™ Starter Kit is designed to give you just what you need to start using the Click and Qwiic ecosystems side-by-side powered by Raspberry Pi! The core of this kit is designed around the SparkFun RP2040 mikroBUS™ Development Board, the SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout (Qwiic), and the MIKROE Weather Click. Additionally, to connect everything together we also include a 100mm Qwiic Cable, and a USB A-C cable!

The AHPI7292S is the world’s first WiFi HaLow™ Raspberry Pi™ HAT module from ALFA Network. Similar to LoRa, WiFi HaLow is a new designation from the WiFi Alliance for 802.11ah technology which operates in the sub-gigahertz range. This brings a more IoT-friendly long-range and Low-power technology to WiFi-style communication. The AHPI7292S brings this wireless technology to the Raspberry Pi form factor with a HAT that works with Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4 lines. It supports both standalone and host-based modes with up to 15Mbps throughput. An included SDK makes for an excellent getting started experience.

This is a 915MHz SMA Duck Antenna for use with the AHPI7292S WiFi HaLow HAT. We’ve distinguished it as for use with this HAT as it’s an SMA connection where most of our other boards are RP-SMA. It’s the easiest way to start working with the WiFi HaLow HAT with meaningful transmission distance.

That’s it for this week. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you next week with even more new products!

Hyperedge- . IoT, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence,

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