Whether it’s exploring uncharted caves in France or contributing to an open source street-mapping project, Eric Sibert relies on the SparkFun RTK Express for the positional accuracy he needs.

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The Search For Inexpensive and Portable Positional Accuracy
As both a caver (a person who explores caves, often referred to as spelunking) for more than 30 years and an ambitious contributor to an open-source map project (OpenStreetMap (OSM)) since 2009, Eric Sibert has a long-standing passion for positional accuracy. In all that time, Sibert has been on a quest to find an accurate and portable tool that allows him to easily switch between these tasks – a quest that has proven to be not so simple.

To meet his requirements, he would need a tool that could be taken into remote caves, but also provide extreme accuracy for correcting street-level data. This dilemma ended up being a drawn-out and fruitless endeavor for quite some time. “I’ve been watching for years for potential GPS chips providing raw data at a low price. I made some attempts in the mid-2000s with the SiRF III chip.”

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Hyperedge- . IoT, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence,

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