Learn about Machinechat JEDI’s capabilities and the ~30 auto-detected SparkFun sensors it can work with using OpenLog Artemis (without IMU)!

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Howdy all! I know you’ve probably seen lots about Machinechat the past few days, so let’s do a quick run-down together of all the things!

What is Machinechat JEDI?

Machinechat JEDI is an all-in-one IoT dashboard and monitoring software capable of running on Windows, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, or Linux. With tools such as dashboards, multi-protocol data collectors, a rules engine, and data logger all in a web based user interface–with external plug-in support–it is a power packed software in a few megabytes-sized package!

How can I use Machinechat JEDI?

Machinechat JEDI is a perfect fit for running private IoT monitoring systems that are not reliant upon having internet connectivity nor are they tied to a cloud service (which means increased privacy and NO recurring fees!). It has zero external dependencies, built-in data collectors for HTTP, MQTT, TCP, Serial, and SparkFun OpenLog, and the ability to grant access to multiple users, so you and your team are able to easily collect and visualize data from sensors, machines, and other applications, be it real-time or stored.

From there, you’re able to go from raw data to intuitive, clear visualizations using various widgets on data dashboards or system dashboards, along with customizable backgrounds. You can even incorporate controls to your dashboards to send custom commands to your devices (learn more about system controls here) and monitor your data automatically with SMS (via a Twilio account or cellular carrier with email to text service) and/or email alerts!

So, what does this mean for Machinechat and SparkFun?

That’s a great question! Our friends over at Machinechat have incorporated a built-in data collector for our OpenLog Artemis (without IMU) board; this means that the ~30 auto-detected sensors known to the OLA are automatically recognized and logged by your OpenLog Serial data collector on Machinechat! So, let’s take a look at the list of sensors currently included in this:

With this feature, you can go from a bundle of daisy-chained Qwiic sensors to active data visualization in minutes! Check out these resources to learn more about how to get started:

Getting Started with Machinechat

Setting Up the SparkFun OpenLog Serial Data Collector

Rad! Should I get a JEDI One license or a JEDI Pro license?

This will ultimately depend on the use case for your project; to help you determine which license will best suit your needs, here is a handy-dandy comparison between the two options:

JEDI One vs JEDI Pro

Note: The SparkFun editions of JEDI One and JEDI Pro are only available in JEDI v3.1 and later

Additional Resources!

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