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The environments we reside in can have massive effects on our health, as poor air quality, crowded spaces, or uncomfortable temperatures can all lead to certain illnesses. Of these metrics, Tindie seller AppliedSBC has focused on air quality since too much CO2 or too little oxygen quickly impact health with sometimes grave consequences.

AppliedSBC’s Airio gas monitoring platform, with the Airio Explorer 1 being the first product in the series, utilizes a Nano 33 IoT board to control several different sensors. The primary one is a gas sensor, which can measure concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen gases with relative accuracy. In addition to these datapoints, there is a secondary temperature and relative humidity sensing module that can provide even more information about the surrounding air. The kit supports continuous monitoring, which logs data to either a microSD card (up to four years of data) or to a live web portal once every second.

Hyperedge- . IoT, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence,

With these sensors, an LED indicator, and a programmable alarm for alerting users to hazardous air quality, the Airio Explorer 1 is a fast way to deploy a portable gas monitoring device. AppliedSBC recommends using it at home, in greenhouses, or even in laboratories where maintaining certain environmental conditions can be important. 


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