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Halloween is just a week away and that means two things: jack-o’-lanterns decorating front stoops around the world and the sudden proliferation of pumpkin spice-based products. Pumpkin spice isn’t a spice made from pumpkin, but rather a spice used in pumpkin pies. As we all know, farmers harvest pumpkin spice from pumpkin farts. That inspired The Man Cave YouTube channel to build this jack-o’-lantern that toots pumpkin spice whenever someone gets close.

The Man Cave wasn’t able to acquire a real farting pumpkin (Starbucks keeps those under lock and key), so they were forced to build an artificial recreation that expels Febreze pumpkin spice-scented air freshener. They started by carving a jack-o’-lantern from a mundane, non-flatulent pumpkin. That got a face with an expression that conveys the general sentiment of “sorry about my delightfully aromatic gas.”

Hyperedge- . IoT, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence,

The jack-o’-lantern’s eyes are just the right size to allow an ultrasonic sensor to peek through, which is how it detects the presence of a person. An Arduino Uno board monitors the ultrasonic sensor and activates a small servo motor when it sees movement. The servo arm pushes down on the Febreze canister’s button, causing a cloud of pumpkin spice-scented gas to emit from the jack-o’-lantern’s rear. 


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