With all of our great deals on kits happening for STEM Week, we thought this would be a great time to let you know about our awesome custom kitting options!

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When you need specific parts bundled together for a class, workshop, or training session, SparkFun has a flexible program to get you the tools you need to create a unique, hands-on educational experience with your own custom kit. We take pride in helping you make a kit that perfectly fits your needs.

Why Make a Custom Kit with SparkFun?

Instead of trying to purchase each component separately, developing a kit with SparkFun saves you time (and hassle) by compiling everything together and allowing you (or someone else) to purchase the whole bundle at once. Aside from sourcing and stocking thousands of products to choose from, our team is also able to suggest replacements and additions that can help build better kits. Finally, we have found that while many partners prefer to purchase and distribute their own kits, some organizations ask us to publish a page on our website where students (or others) can purchase the kit directly from us.

How the Process Works

Tell us the components you need in your kit – we can also collaborate with you to define parts needed and develop a customer experience based on your idea. Once the kit is ready, we will either ship it to you or build a custom web page where your customers can purchase it directly from us.

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If you’re interested in setting up you’re own custom kit right now, click on the button below and fill out the form – or, stick around to learn more about the collaborative work we’ve done with partners.

Custom Kit Use Cases

Although there are endless ways to approach custom kits, here are a couple of the collaborations we’ve done so that you can get a better idea of some of the options available.

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Through its Co.Lab program, Red Hat has brought open hardware projects to students in cities across America and around the world. Co.Lab partnered with SparkFun to build and deliver innovative, hands-on kits including Farm, Robot, and Sensing kits. Although Red Hat uses these STEM kits in their own programs, anyone can get started with these kits – educators, parents, and those who have an interest in learning electronics.

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The Integrated Teaching and Learning (ITL) Program at the University of Colorado Boulder is a nationally recognized engineering education program that supports hands-on learning through an innovative environment where students integrate engineering theory with practice and learn through doing. The program has utilized custom kits from SparkFun to support engineering students with applied, multidisciplinary engineering projects. These projects begin with specific instruction, then move to a “choose your own adventure” model where students apply what they have learned to projects of their own design.

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