I guess I never really realized it, but as I look back at the history of SparkFun, it’s puzzles all the way down. SparkFun turns 20 years old this week, and next year I’ll have worked at SparkFun half of my life. Since SparkFun opened its doors, there was always work to do. The challenge of getting a little faster to market, writing a little cleaner code, open sourcing more technologies, and increasing the production yield rate a few fractions of a percentage more was, and continues to be, thrilling. I get to puzzle for work, and I’ve got a whole team of like minded folks that makes another twenty years of SparkFun sound absolutely delightful.

I’m surrounded by the amazing people at SparkFun who enable me, you, and each other to constantly come up with new and innovative ideas. We play a very important role in the development of new ideas and technologies. Everyone at SparkFun: the shippers, the builders, the cleaners, the support staff, the engineers, the marketing team, the tech writers, even Lilian (the white labrador and latest dog to enter the SparkFun family) form the very solid foundation for others (me, you, and the future generations of innovators) to stand on.

After 20 years, I’m the luckiest guy I know because I’ve been able to find a place to work and fill it with awesome people who do amazing things. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Hold on to your hats! Who knows where the following twenty years will take us but I’m excited to see what needs to be solved next.

We’re going to be celebrating SparkFun’s 20th this whole year, stay tuned for more updates and looks back at our history.

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