Two new IN100 NanoBeacon Boards are now available with the newest versions of our Cerberus USB Cables.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another Friday Product Post here at SparkFun Electronics! This week are happy to announce a new partnership with InPlay and with it our two newest IoT boards. Introducing the SparkFun NanoBeacon Boards! These two boards have been designed for easy development or production uses, each featuring the IN100 SoC. You’ll definitely want to read on to learn more about these two new boards! Following that, we have two new version of our popular Cerberus Cable. These 4-in-1 USB cables are a vast improvement over the previous iteration, all based on your feedback. We wrap the week with a lens for the new Raspberry Pi camera modules! Let’s take a closer look at all of this week’s new products.

Ultra low power 2.4GHz wireless communication with NanoBeacon!

The SparkFun IN100 NanoBeacon Lite Board offers the ubiquitous 2.4 GHz wireless low-energy BT beacon breakout with exceptionally low power consumption features and minimal programming required. The board features the IN100 NanoBeacon from InPlay that is compliant with several standard 2.4 GHz protocols and has several built-in configurable features for device behavior that can drastically reduce power consumption allowing for continuous operation in the field for multiple years even with a connected device. This board is a great option for wireless sensor monitoring, asset tracking, retail beacons or even making your own beacon tag for real-time location monitoring.

The SparkFun IN100 NanoBeacon Board offers the same 2.4GHz wireless low-energy BT beacon breakout with exceptionally low power consumption features and minimal programming required as above! However, this version is designed for applications requiring a rapid implementation with minimal assembly and modification. It includes male header through-hole pins on the board and does not include the power LED or reset button as expected applications most likely will not need those two components.

The SparkFun 4-in-1 Multi-USB Cables are four-headed cables that will ensure that you’re never stuck looking for a USB cable that fits your device. At one end of the cable you either have the standard C-type or A-type connector, which you can plug into your computer or USB power supply; At the other end are four common USB connectors: B, mini-B, micro-B, and type-C.

The SparkFun 4-in-1 Multi-USB Cables can transfer both power and data just like any USB cable and now comes standard with a USB hub so you will be able to connect up to four data devices at the same time! Thanks to the improvements we made to this SparkFun 4-in-1 Multi-USB Cable, you won’t be running into any more issues when transferring large amounts of data (hard drives, flash drives, etc) or connecting Android and other mobile devices.

This is the 25mm M-12 mount telephoto lens for use with the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Module. The lens produces a 5MP picture with a 18° field of view in a 1in image format and is easily interchangeable using the thumb screw and adapter included with the Pi HQ Camera Module. This telephoto lens excels when taking distance photos or close up photo.

That’s it for this week. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another! We’ll be back with more new products next week so make sure to check back then. Happy hacking!

Hyperedge- . IoT, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence,

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