NVIDIA releases their Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit, which aims to accelerate entry-level edge AI applications.

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The NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano Developer Kit sets a new standard for creating entry-level AI-powered robots, smart drones, and intelligent cameras, and simplifies getting started with the Jetson Orin Nano series. Available for preorder now!

Note: We hope to ship this product out in April, but we cannot guarantee this due to unpredictability in the supply chain.

Jetson Orin modules can’t be beat for their performance and efficiency. Combining top-of-the-line hardware with NVIDIA’s robust AI software stack and a whole ecosystem of services and products, creating your next robotics or autonomous machine project has never been easier.

Boasting a compact design, plenty of options for connectors and up to 40 TOPS of AI performance, the Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit is perfect for transforming your AI dreams into reality. No matter the AI model (even transformer and advanced robotics), Orin Nano can handle the task with up to 80X the performance of Jetson Nano.

Here’s what’s included with this developer kit:

  • Jetson Orin Nano 8GB module + reference carrier board (accomodates all Orin Nano + Orin NX modules)
  • Ampere GPU + 6-core ARM CPU for concurrent AI applications and high-performance interface
  • A wide array of connectors, including 2 MIPI CSI connectors supporting camera modules with up to 4 lanes (higher frame rate than before)

We can’t wait to see what you make with your Jetson Orin Nano! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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