Check out our new video where our awesome engineer Dryw will walk you through connecting your Thing Plus Matter to Google Nest Hub and the Google Home app!

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Hey folks! We’re back again to let y’all in on a super exciting new demo that our amazing engineer Dryw has put together. In this video, Dryw will walk you through how to connect your Thing Plus Matter board to a Google Nest Hub, creating a ‘light’ device that allows the onboard LED to be controlled from your Nest Hub as well as from the Google Home App! This project is an excellent example of the many ways in which Matter and Thread are working to revolutionize smart home technology and, as it continues to develop, how it will lead to innovation for both new and existing technologies. Follow along with Dryw and see for yourself!

We’ve also created a written guide for this project for those who may prefer that format and to include quick access to the links Dryw is using in the video! Check it out here:

Interested in learning more about Matter and Thread, or just starting out? Take a look at our blog post that provides a round-up of information on this emerging technology and how we’re teaming up with SiLabs to bring it to you. Then, when your thirst for knowledge is quenched, learn how to get up and running with Thing Plus Matter and Simplicity Studio, and get started on creating your own awesome projects!

How to get up and running with Thing Plus Matter and Simplicity Studio, as well as a collection of resources to provide background information on Matter and Thread

A video walkthrough of getting started with Thing Plus Matter and Simplicity Studio

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