Arduino Giga Display Shield

A few months ago, we promised you that the GIGA R1 WiFi would allow you to “think bigger and be more creative than ever”.

Now, we are happy to announce you can step up your game even further, with the introduction of the Arduino GIGA Display Shield — an innovative touchscreen solution enabling all makers to effortlessly deploy fast and highly responsive graphic interfaces to their GIGA R1 WiFi projects.

Featuring a 3.97” 480×800 RGB touchscreen, an MP34DT06JTR digital microphone, a Bosch BMI270 six-axis IMU, an Arducam® 20-pin camera connector, and an RGB LED, the GIGA Display Shield is perfect for easily creating handheld devices or dashboards you can control with a touch.

It basically adds intuitive interfaces, high-level user experiences, and cutting-edge technology to your strengths in this game we call making.

With the GIGA Display Shield, you can quickly add a cool UI to your hardware projects without extra wiring, have graphics adjust automatically according to device orientation or audio commands, or leverage computer vision as your solution’s input. If that’s not enough, GIGA R1 WiFi’s new set of top-facing connectors leave the top header available for expansion, attaching other shields to boost your possibilities even more.

Ready, player one? Find out more about how the GIGA Display Shield can give you a boost. We think you’ll have a lot of fun with this…

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