The Digi XBee Sensor Lab demo gets beyond the basics and showcases eight use cases, including connected agriculture, access control, and asset tracking, leveraging Qwiic sensors and Digi Remote Manager.

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At CES, Digi International® revealed the Digi XBee Sensor Lab to demonstrate the power of the Digi XBee® 3 Low-Power LTE-M/NB-IoT Global modem paired with the SparkFun® Digi XBee Development Board, Qwiic® ecosystem parts, and Digi Remote Manager®.

The Digi XBee Sensor Lab is a comprehensive demonstration of how to go from sensor to Cloud with Digi XBee 3. The video below walks through each part of the demo, hilighting eight potential applications/use cases including:

  • Noise monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Actuating
  • Connected agriculture/monitoring irrigation
  • Weight measurement
  • Access control/identification with RFID
  • Asset tracking
  • SMS texting
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • The last couple minutes of the video walks through how this sensor-to-cloud demo actually works.

    Rob Faludi walks through the Digi XBee Sensor Lab Demo at CES

    Products Used in the Demo

    Here are some of the products used in the video:

    Digi Module and Development Board

    Qwiic Ecosystem

    For this demo, Digi leveraged just a handful of the Qwiic sensors from SparkFun’s Qwiic ecosystem, which uses 4-pin JST connectors to quickly interface development boards with sensors, LCDs, relays and more – prototyping with I2C has never been easier.

    Digi International’s Line of Products at SparkFun

    SparkFun and Digi International have been working together for well over a decade. To see the entire line up of Digi’s XBee line at SparkFun, please visit the XBee category page.

    Let us know how you are using or plan to use cellular in your product or project!

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