Recently published on DigiKey’s, Shawn Hymel extends the capability of the Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP) by adding the Coral Dev Board Micro to enable object detection.

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Last year we released the Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP). The platform has experienced widespread adoption already and as people finish the Introduction to Robotics activities, they want to do more with their robot – add Qwiic sensors, add GPS, modify or add to the chassis….

To take his XRP to more advanced levels, Shawn Hymel has added object detection. Essentially, he removes the line-following sensor and the ultrasonic distance sensor in favor of the Coral Dev Board Micro. Ultimately, he wants his XRP to identify a basket, pick it up and deliver it to a target zone marked with tape. We thought this was a super fun way to build onto the XRP. Take a look at the video:

Resources to Do This On Your Own

  • The full tutorial can be found on
  • All code and 3D models for this project can be found on Shawn’s GitHub repository.
  • You may also want to take a look at these resource where Shawn shows how to train a custom machine learning model to perform object detection on the Coral Dev Board Micro:

  • Video Link
  • Project Link
  • GitHub Link

  • Interested in the XRP

    Here is everything available for XRP:

    Flexible Qwiic Cable - Female Jumper (4-pin, Heat Shrink)

    Flexible Qwiic Cable – Female Jumper (4-pin, Heat Shrink)


    Many thanks to Shawn Hymel and DigiKey/ for putting together this great project/tutorial.

    Read more about this on: Sparkfun Commerce Blog