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We’re ready to bring our unconventional take on automation to one of North America’s leading industry events: come meet us at Automate Show in Chicago, taking place May 6th-9th, to find out more about open-source hardware and software solutions unlocking new opportunities to empower engineers and educators alike.

Here are five great reasons to visit Arduino’s booth (#2853):

1. Get a closer look at the Arduino Opta: with its small form factor, low power consumption, and built-in connectivity options, our groundbreaking micro PLC is “the Swiss Army knife” of industrial automation. Zero vendor lock-in, tons of programming flexibility: choose among the key IEC 61131-3 languages or the Arduino environment, or even combine the two approaches to further boost capabilities.

2. Discover the brand new Arduino PLC Starter Kit, based on the Opta WiFi and Arduino PLC IDE: a training solution that plugs right into the future of industrial automation, designed to introduce students in vocational institutes and tech-oriented academies to IEC 61131-3 standard programming languages and Modbus communication. 

3. Be the first to know about the Opta’s I/O Expansion Modules: Arduino Pro Opta Ext D1608E and Arduino Pro Opta Ext D1608S multiply real-time control points with 16 programmable inputs and 8 digital (electromechanical or solid-state) relay outputs; Arduino Pro Opta Ext A0602 instead allows users to configure new analog I/O to interact with 0-10 V and 0/4-20 mA signals, and get temperature values through PT100, diversifying data acquisition capabilities and expanding actuation possibilities.

4. Learn more about ACE-100: a comprehensive training program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed for industrial and building automation using the Arduino Opta. Gain hands-on experience and practical insights into PLC programming, and earn your Arduino Certified Engineer credential! 

5. Live demos featuring products from our ecosystem, from a manufacturing command and control platform developed with AWS Monitron and the Opta WiFi to a vibration-based anomaly detection solution powered by the Nicla Sense ME to… you’ll have to visit to discover how many different challenges can be solved with open-source! 

Keep an eye out for Arduino even beyond the booth! Weintek USA (#5463) will showcase a joint Opta demo, part of a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing STEM HMI+PLC training programs across the United States.

So, whether you work in automation or are simply curious about the technology trends shaping your industry today, Automate Show is the fair for you! 

Register to attend here, and visit the Arduino team at booth #2853 at McCormick Place in Chicago, from May 6th to 9th. Want to schedule some one-on-one time with our experts? Click here to schedule.

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