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Blues Wireless and Arduino have joined forces to create the game-changing Blues Wireless for Arduino Opta, unveiled this week at the Automate Show in Chicago. The expansion module is an affordable solution to enhance connectivity options for Arduino Opta micro PLCs, and marks a significant milestone in PLC technology and in making technology more easily accessible to all. 

“The IIoT is on the cusp of a revolution in democratized connectivity and computing not unlike the PC era of a generation ago,” said Brandon Satrom, Senior Vice President of Product & Experience at Blues. “Products like Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, and FrontPage sparked a revolution, offering teams and organizations a red tape-free path to connect with one another. With the Opta and Blues’ Wireless Expansion, Blues and Arduino are fueling a similar revolution, empowering OT teams with a direct path to cloud-connected PLC systems.”

The expansion module adds cellular or LoRa® connectivity to any Arduino Opta micro PLC, in addition to existing Ethernet, RS485, or Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® capabilities (depending on the specific variant). It is easy to connect via the Opta’s standard AUX expansion port in a daisy-chain setup with other modules, and allows users to quickly and securely communicate with the Cloud. 

“The market is seeking effective, manageable embedded solutions for routine industrial challenges, as exemplified by the Arduino Opta micro PLC,” said Marcello Majonchi, Chief Product Officer at Arduino. “With Opta, Arduino empowers engineers to swiftly create professional-grade solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and connect to their chosen cloud platforms. The partnership with Blues Wireless expands these connectivity possibilities into the cellular realm, enabling comprehensive remote monitoring and control with just a few clicks. If you think about a remote plant, a solar farm, a water well pump, an industrial vehicle or a large machine, like an air compressor, that you want to monitor and control, these are the scenarios we are targeting.”

To find out more and join the waitlist, visit the dedicated page on the Blues website.


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