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Hyperedge Embed; IoT Solutions

Our IoT solution portfolio and profound technology experience enable you to accelerate your ideas and innovation to the market, immediately translating IT savings into a business advantage. Internet of Things is one of the innovative technology solutions that we offer. Through IoT Solutions, you can find solutions to complex business problems. With IoT, we help our customers reduce latency, lower operation costs, and create more opportunities. Leverage our years of experience to improve business agility, optimize data exchange and enable remote monitoring and control. By leveraging IoT and IoT solutions, you will connect better, track and manage all your smart assets, improving efficiency, flexibility, and operational safety. The all-inclusive offering from our IoT solutions suite includes optimization software, gateway, and full-scale distributed analytics solution. IoT Solution portfolio includes solutions for asset tracking and inventory control, connected platform, asset information management solution, remote monitoring, advanced asset analytics, and various other applications.

Internet of Things

We are continually updating our IoT capabilities to stay ahead of the market and deliver cost-effective, high-performance solutions for you. Our IoT solutions can provide you with a comprehensive set of applications that enable you to connect smart objects and collect and analyze data to optimize and reduce operational costs.
We also provide a full-scale intelligent automation solution that enables you to maximize your efficiency, improve quality, increase productivity and minimize your costs. We are continuing to expand the market share of IoT and IoT Solutions that will provide you with advanced analytics solutions for detecting faults, assessing potential failures, capturing images, and more. We employ diverse data communication technology, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, LoRA, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and other RFID communication protocols.

We treat data privacy with utmost concern; we offer complete security and encryption solutions to protect your information. Our solutions are easy to deploy, thereby minimizing risks; they require little or no customization to enable you to quickly and easily deploy them.

We offer state-of-the-art integration with a host of leading ICS, IAM, and SCADA systems. Our integration with ICS systems is compatible with both MPLS and Ethernet communication and enables you to manage your distributed assets and workforce through a single management system. You will also be able to manage any devices or assets efficiently and cost-effectively through our integrated solutions. With our IAM solutions, you can identify the needs of your applications and requirements and build a scalable control infrastructure that enables your applications to run smoothly.

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