This week is the annual NVIDIA GTC, full of groundbreaking announcements, learning and networking around AI, machine learning and GPU processors. We’re getting in on the fun and announcing our own new kit for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano called the SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit. This kit builds on machine learning knowledge gained from the NVIDIA DLI Course and accompanying kit.

You can see an in-depth description of the new kit as well as a live project build video in our on-demand GTC sessions, where we build a simple snack dish that only opens for a specific person using the NVIDIA Jetson Nano and parts from the kit. If you are attending GTC this year feel free to drop in and watch:

SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano

SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano



We have all been spending a lot of time at home this past year, and with the Machine Learning @ Home Kit we’re killing two birds with one stone: helping you take the next step in exploring machine learning with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano and SparkFun Qwiic Ecosystem, and trying to make life a little easier by making machine learning work for you.

The Machine Learning @ Home Kit is a progression from the NVIDIA DLI Course Kit, and acts as an introduction to machine learning with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano. The kit brings machine output and interaction into the picture through a number of different SparkFun Qwiic boards.

The kit also includes a hookup guide that walks you through three different machine learning applications, and helps you work toward deploying the DLI course projects beyond an example in Jupyter Notebooks! This guide will be a “living tutorial” – periodically added to as new projects come up or are shared with us by the community to create a rich body of content for everyone to leverage in their projects.

Pick up this kit, extend your knowledge around machine learning and make your home a little smarter at the same time!

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