Last week we talked about the differences between GPS and GNSS and how different geographical areas have their own geospatial tracking constellations. Today, we’ll direct you to a page we made a little while back to provide you with all of our different board and antenna options for your GNSS needs.

There are a lot of options when it comes to GPS and GNSS hardware, so it can be hard to just pick one and start logging locations. The size, update rate, power requirements – these are all features that you’ll want to look into before you choose which hardware is right for your project. Luckily, we’ve made it easy with our updated guide!

Looking to get your hands on GPS/GNSS hardware?

View our line of breakout boards, RTK surveyors, antennas and more to outfit your next GPS/GNSS project.

Find Your Hardware

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With so many different module options, it can be a little confusing which board is right for you. Whether you need Dead Reckoning, centimeter-level accuracy, timing, or just a basic GPS module, our Buying guide will give you all the options and links you’ll need to make your best choice!

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