We are expecting to start getting stock of the popular Nano 4GB around Black Friday.

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Jetson Nanos are Back!

If you’ve been following or trying to get your hands on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, then you’re probably aware that global supply chain constraints and component shortages hit hard last year. Since then, we’ve received an impressive number of backorders for our Jetson Products. Well, we’re here to deliver good news for all of you that have been waiting: We have Jetson Nanos that will be trickling in, starting after Black Friday!

If you have a current backorder, we will do our best to get it fulfilled as soon as we can. For those who are interested in a new Jetson Nano 4GB, backorders are now open! We will make effort to keep you up-to-date on forthcoming ETAs. You may also notice the price of the Nano and its associated kits have gone up – this is unfortunately a necessary consequence of global supply chain changes. We hope you understand.

Get Started with Robotics and Machine Learning!

These kits are designed to teach useful and specific skills – perfect for educators and enthusiasts alike.

Don’t forget to check out all of the new projects and tutorials that utilize the Jetson Nano as well. There is so much that the Jetson is capable of, and we are always trying to expand our library of projects and tutorials, so check back often or fill out the form on the resource page to be notified of new content.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano front view

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