Join SparkFun as we explore how to utilize machine learning around your home using the NIVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB and our Machine Learning at Home Kit. This time, we’ve created a pet feeder or candy dish that uses machine learning to open only for faces it recognizes.

This video was originally produced for our GTC21 presentation using our SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano. This video is a little more unique than most of our others because instead of presenting a project to you, we will be building it with you as you go!

SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano

SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano



With the Machine Learning @ Home Kit for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano we are killing two birds with one stone for you. The first is helping you take the next step in exploring machine learning with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano and SparkFun Qwiic Ecosystem and the second and more important bird is trying to make your life around your home just a little easier by making Machine Learning work for you.

As you might know, we value our pets pretty heavily here at SparkFun, so if this type of project interests you, make sure to check out some of our other projects that were built with to hope of making our furry little friend’s lives a little more fun!

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